about us

sci is a unique organisation that offers executive coaching with a difference. We also house a boutique speakers' bureau with personalised service dedicated to clients' needs.

Executive coaching at sci is senior business coaching with a difference. Using the principles of strategic foresight, the executive coaching division helps managers create the futures that they desire.

Another key service offered at sci is a boutique speakers' bureau which provides a select, exclusive stable of presenters who are at the absolute top of their particular fields.

what drives us

The executive coaching is founded on the theories and practices of strategic foresight which helps managers to design and achieve the futures that they want. sci views the future as a strategic landscape that incorporates a powerful vision, major goals and shorter term issues - all of which are informed by foresight. We firmly believe that while the future is linked to the present and the past, it does not have to be the natural extension of what has gone before.

The speaker's bureau is unique in its ambition to remain small in size, yet large in fulfilling the individual needs of its clients. The speakers at sci are committed to more than a single 'parachute' in then out approach. They are willing to connect to the audience to help them resolve issues related to each speaker's respective expertise, in an interactive exchange.


sci's director is Sandra Cowan, whose experience in the corporate world and masters degree in Strategic Foresight have refined her talent for helping others create individually tailored roadmaps for their futures. Coming from a highly evolved strategic base, Sandra has a strong capacity to assist executives to fulfill their potential, achieve clarity and move to higher levels of excellence in their chosen fields. The results  benefit both the individual and the organisation through developing the ability to make better business decisions and the creation of a climate in which staff can excel.

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