executive coaching and strategic foresight  

Most people are interested in planning for their futures. As an executive coach qualified through the Institute of Executive Coaching, Sandra Cowan works strategically with clients to ensure that they come to their own conclusions about their career ambitions. Drawing from her experience in the corporate world, in the media, and in education as well as a masters' degree in strategic foresight, Sandra's coaching clients develop an individually tailored future roadmap through methods that challenge them to achieve the results of which they dream.

Coaching as a practice is about change and helping people to come to decisions about - and deeper understandings of - their issues, through asking well-crafted and thought through questions. Sandra has a strong capacity to assist executives move to higher levels of excellence in their chosen field.

Conducting a successful coaching session relies heavily on the coach's ability to perform with compassionate non-attachment. Sandra works with clients to support them emotionally and practically to achieve the growth that they want. She carries this out with the attitude of being completely present to her client, while also being critically aware of her own performance through meta-cognition.

Sandra's philosophy is based on a holistic approach that takes into account futurists such as Ken Wilber. Wilber looks at the world and issues from perspectives that include individuals and the collective from both internal and external points of view. By using Wilber's model, clients are able to examine their situations and issues in a complete way that incorporates all possible perspectives. The Wilber model is particularly useful to take thinking and discussions further than they might normally go. It also helps to identify what might be missing from a thinking or planning session, as many people tend to be stuck in what is more obvious and external. This technique is more nuanced and total as it addresses the internal aspects of a matter. It delves into what an individual is thinking, or the culture of a group. The technique therefore brings clarity to any issue in an unusual and constructive manner.

Sandra brings a unique blend of experience, practise and theory to the coaching situation, where each session is original and specific to that client. However, whatever contract and mutual understanding is drawn up with her clients, Sandra's aim is to help each executive to be more than they ever believed they could be.

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