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 Michael Gawenda                                            Author, editor, journalist

Michael Gawenda is one of Australia's best known and respected journalists and editors. He has won three Walkley Awards, Australia’s most prestigious award for journalism. His numerous other awards include the Grant Hattam Award for his willingness to publish contentious investigative journalism.

In Michael’s long and distinguished career he has been a senior editor of The Age for over seven years and most recently was the Washington correspondent for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald for more than two years. He wrote American Notebook, A Personal and Political Journey that reflected his deep insights into the American political world and his first hand experiences of America. It was published in August 2007 and was an immediate success, selling out of its first print run.

Michael has a unique perspective as a journalist, having been a practitioner as well as managing a large staff of people, combined with the responsibility for one of Australia’s best newspapers. He has observed many well known leaders, political and cultural, including Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Kevin Sheedy. As a result, he is perfectly positioned to discuss notions and issues that face businesses as well as the world at large.

Through his many years at the pointy end of journalism, Michael is highly qualified to talk in depth and with great insight on several subjects. His key themes are Australian politics, international politics, leadership, American/Australian relationship, the media, the future of print and political economies.

Engaging style

Michael has a refreshing, appealing way of establishing an immediate rapport with his audience, derived from decades of experience in conducting razor-sharp interviews. His incisive observations at once resonate and peel back layers to reveal truths.

Speaking topics

* What makes a great leader?
* Leading in a stressful environment
* American/Australian relationship
* Political and cultural developments in the world’s greatest super power
* Ethics and the media
* The future of newspapers in at time of technological revolution
* The internet - its appeal and limitations
* The challenges facing journalism and why those who deal with the media need to understand them
* Globalisation
* The Middle East

For enquiries about Michael Gawenda and his availability, please contact:
Sandra Cowan Mobile: 0409 381 367 Email: sandra@scinsights.com.au

Jennifer Hansen                              Newsreader, actor, businesswoman


Jennifer Hansen became best known to television audiences as the co-host of Channel Ten's evening news bulletin at 5pm on weeknights, alongside Mal Walden. Performing this role for ten years, Jennifer and Mal were the longest running news duo in Australia's television history, maintaining strong ratings and winning widespread support among viewers.

With Network Ten broadcasting the Melbourne Cup Carnival, Jennifer also took on the role of hosting the Fashions on the Field during the Spring Carnival at Flemington. Following this, Jennifer wrote a column for the Sunday Herald Sun, Tales of a Modern Woman, for several months. In addition, she regularly performed as MC at major charity and corporate events.

Pursuing another passion in acting, Jennifer has performed in various amateur productions and has featured as a newsreader in Prisoner, Neighbours and the movie Boytown. In 2006, Jennifer played the lead role in the stage play Chasing Pegasus, which was part of the Fringe Festival. The following year, Jennifer backed this up with a cameo appearance in the horror movie, Prey, directed by the well-known George Miller.

Always looking for new challenges, Jennifer has also made her mark with the formation of a business, Uber Savvy - Ideas for living. The company creates, develops and sells novel, useful products that have been unavailable until now. Her first invention, Booty-Up is a simple concept born from the desire for a neat and organised wardrobe. This conical plastic device sits snugly inside women's boots, allowing them to stand upright and prevent boot droop. Booty-Up has become a popular wardrobe essential for fashion conscious women and is on sale at Myer and David Jones stores as well as the Wittner and Peter Sheppard shoe chains across Australia.

Most recently, Jennifer returned to the media industry for the 2008 Olympics, reading the news for the ABC's Australia Network. This news  service was televised to 43 countries overseas. In India alone the AusNet news service outrated the BBC and CNN with an average of eight million viewers.

Compelling style
Jennifer oozes all the charisma and polish an audience would expect from such an experienced media professional. The reasons for her longevity in this tough industry shine through to both enlighten and delight her audiences.

Speaking topics

* Women and the media
* Behind the Newsdesk

For enquiries about Jennifer Hansen and her availability, please contact:
Sandra Cowan Mobile: 0409 381 367 Email: sandra@scinsights.com.au

Peter Blasina                Gadget guy, technology commentator

Peter Blasina is one of Australia’s best known and well-respected IT and consumer electronics experts. His many years of dedication to the technology industry are the solid foundation for his reputation as someone with a deep understanding of local and global trends in technology.

Also known as The Gadget Guy, Peter is a regular presenter on all technology matters on Channel 7’s Sunrise program. He has also been called on to help audiences decipher this difficult area on ABC radio and Channel 9’s business shows as well as innumerable trade events.

Peter’s rich experience in the media world both as a publisher and presenter give him the authority to comment on and help others to find their way through this sometimes confusing, yet critical sector. As a business man in the competitive world of publishing, Peter is in a perfect position to understand the importance and power of technology to the success of any business.

 In a lively and informative presentation, Peter enthusiastically shares the fruits of his extensive experience with a simplicity that cuts through the complexity of e-commerce and technology in general. This provides a firm basis from which organisations can confidently plan strategically for a successful future.

Companies that have benefited from Peter’s insights include Deutsche Bank, Commonwealth Bank, Macquarie Bank, Colonial Bank, The Australian Hotels Association, Sony Australia, Apple Computer Australia, Pioneer Electronics Australia and CPA Australia.

Dynamic style
As an experienced communications professional, Peter’s ability to engage, inform and entertain is well established. His vibrant and energetic personality makes his presentations informative and popular.

Speaking topics

* The  technology industry and consumer electronics  today
* The future of technology
* Technology convergence
* Challenges facing business today

For enquiries about Peter Blasina and his availability, please contact:
Sandra Cowan Mobile: 0409 381 367 Email: sandra@scinsights.com.au

Shawn Price                 Speaker, executive coach, motivator
Shawn Price is a behavioural expert with a B.Ed. Grad. Dip. Psych and a successful background in the commercial corporate world. He brings to his speaking engagements a unique blend of practical business wisdom backed by sound psychological knowledge and techniques. He draws from this eclectic set of skills and experience to extend insights into motivational drivers, decision making and the overall life philosophy required to become a successful leader.

Accredited in several tools, Shawn uses the Birkman Method and Emotional Intelligence to help organisations reach the peak of their staff’s potential.
Over his career, Shawn has shared his deep understanding of excellent workplaces with leading companies like the Commonwealth Bank, General Mills, Marand Precision, Oracle, Melbourne City Council, PursueIT, Right Management and Leading Edge Careers.
Resonating style
Shawn makes a quick and meaningful connection with his audiences. His relaxed, authentic communication style combines with a simple clear delivery born out of first hand experience to quickly make a mark on his listeners.

Speaking topics

* Emotional intelligence and its relevance to the organisation
* Encouraging staff to self-motivate
* Personality effectiveness and actualisation
* Mood regulation and effectiveness
* Strategy and planning
* Networking and influence
* Reputation management
* Body language
* Interview techniques 
* Negotiation strategies
* Recruitment and maintenance of staff
* Career assessment
* Workforce optimisation

For enquiries about Shawn Price and his availability, please contact:
Sandra Cowan Mobile: 0409 381 367 Email: sandra@scinsights.com.au

Rob Paterson                  Business consultant, motivational speaker

Rob has an extensive background in elite sport as a competitor, coach, and mentor.   He was knocked off his bike by a semi-trailer in 1991 while training for long course triathlons. After spending a month in the intensive care unit and a further five recovering at the Austin Hospital, Rob has a range of experiences in overcoming adversity and being adaptive to change.  This coupled with 10 years of coaching elite athletes across a range of sports gives Rob a deep understanding of setting and attaining goals. Rob also has experience and post graduate qualifications in organisational change.

Rob’s professional history is varied and includes several years of self employment in landscaping, personal training and coaching other high-performance athletes.  He has also lectured in several TAFE colleges and Monash University in subjects such as managing recreational events, sports nutrition, marketing management, marketing ethics and promotion management.

Also since Rob’s life changing accident, he has performed as fitness manager to Sandringham Dragons Football Club, worked in sports sciences for the Institute of Sport, managed the Churchill and Monash Leisure Centre and been a member of the Monash sport executive team as well as site manager for Monash University Campus Life. Much of this work also involved brand and identity management.

Based on his wide reaching qualifications in Diploma of Marketing Management, Bachelor Applied Science in Human Movement and Masters of Management, Rob now runs his own organisation, Paterson North. Through this business, Rob shares his experience as an executive coach and mentor, business consultant and motivational speaker.

Rob’s sporting history includes rugby league, martial arts, triathlon and kayaking

Speaking style
Despite such a life-changing experience, Rob continues to live a full and active life. His determination to learn from the impact of his accident and put it to positive use both for himself and for others is truly inspirational.

Speaking topics
* Overcoming adversity
* Being adaptive to change
* Goal setting and achievement

For enquiries about Rob Paterson and his availability, please contact:
Sandra Cowan Mobile: 0409 381 367 Email: sandra@scinsights.com.au

Steve Tighe                                                         Futurist
STEVESteve Tighe is one of Australia's most compelling speakers on the future and innovation. He is recognised for his thought provoking observations on today's society, and his ability to express key insights about the future in an engaging and entertaining fashion.

Steve is renowned for his clever use of metaphors, images and case studies, taking his audience on a virtual journey into the future, while alerting them to the drivers of future change and the implications for their business.

Steve's presentations focus on Australia's evolving values and emerging trends and how these changes are re-shaping every aspect of our lifestyles including commuting, housing, employment, consumption and the cities we choose to live in!

A practising futurist, Steve is the former Foresight Manager at Foster's and has worked with some of Australia's leading companies, looking at the future of their industry and the opportunities for their business. He has a Masters in Strategic Foresight from Swinburne University and has completed the Oxford Scenarios Program at Oxford University.

With this unique combination of corporate and academic foresight experience, Steve de-mystifies the challenges of the future and provides his audiences with genuine tools for improving their business performance.

Steve is an international speaker on the future and tailors each of his presentations to the specific needs of his audience.

Steve's novel approach to thinking about the future provides original insights across a range of topics, including:

  • How to detect emerging trends
  • Future scenarios for Australia
  • Insight into tomorrow's consumers
  • Changing perceptions and future trends
  • How to plan and innovate for the future
  • De-mystifying the future

"Steve Tighe is one of those rare presenters who takes you on an innovation journey - darting you into the past and then back to the future. His masterful delivery of insights sneaks up on you, nudging you to wake up to finally see the obvious. If you're a business leader who wants to know what's going on, or to recognise the signals before they become a trend, then Steve's presentation is a must."
Tony Chadwick - former Chairman Logan Office of Economic Development, Co Founder - Start Innovation Centre

"Steve's ability to take a subject as broad as the evolution of Australian society, and how those changes can be related to the delivery of products and services in the future was amazing."
East Leagues Club, Michael Wilkins, General Manager Club Operations

"Steve captivated our audience and had their full attention from beginning to end. His dynamic presentation style assured our delegates they were in the right place at the right time."
Emma Carstens, Local Government Association of Queensland

"Steve's presentation to the Melbourne Business Awards breakfast was just brilliant. He totally engaged the audience of predominately small to medium sized manufacturers with his thought provoking analysis of what the future might hold. His knowledge and understanding of foresight and innovation gave him enormous credibility with the audience. His highly creative presentation was fast paced and humorous but with some very serious take home messages for the businesses in attendance. The feedback to the organising committee has been fantastic."
Suzanne Ferguson, Manager Economic Development, City of Kingston

"Steve's excellent presentation reinforced the importance of being systematic with our own marketing efforts. There can be no better advantage in business than to be in possession of valid foresight ahead of your competitors."
Total Concept Projects, Richard Skarzynski, Managing Director

"Steve Tighe's unique and creative presentation provided the perfect closing to our conference. Steve has a profound knowledge of Foresight and Innovation, and his methodology for anticipating change was eagerly embraced by all the delegates."
Peter Turnbull, Chief Executive Officer, Leagues Club Australia

"Steve's thoughtful and impactful presentation catapulted the NAB Community Partnership & Sponsorship team beyond the paradigm in which they operate today, to a future where customers and communities grapple with new 'social epidemics' and demand new terms of engagement with governments, organisations and brands. Steve creates a meaningful perspective on the future through considered inputs and a creative process."
Kara Rodden, Director, Spot Innovation

For enquiries about Steve Tighe and his availability, please contact:
Sandra Cowan Mobile: 0409 381 367 Email: sandra@scinsights.com.au

Walter Mikac                                                        Author, motivator


Few who know Walter Mikac’s story of tragedy and optimism could deny his amazing ability to triumph over extreme adversity. Walter’s personal history of the loss of his wife and two young daughters in the 1996 Port Arthur, Tasmania shooting has been well documented. Not so well known perhaps is the incredible strength that Walter has been able to draw on to help others to find their inner courage and hidden talents for dealing with challenges.

Walter has been awarded The Age Victorian of the Year and the 1997 Australian National Living Treasure. He was also responsible for reforms in gun laws and the establishment of the Alannah and Madeleine Foundation, whose patron is HRH Princess Mary.

His published books include ‘to have and to hold, a modern day love story cut short….’  and ‘Circle of Life.’

Uplifting style

Inspiring and powerful, Walter reveals to his audiences what is needed in order to not only survive challenges, but create extraordinary outcomes. His timeless message can be applied to a broad range of environments that include the corporate and personal worlds.

Walter draws on his remarkable journey to provide others with valuable tools that will tap into their strengths and demonstrate how to be more than they ever imagined.

Perfect for starting a conference, Walter is experienced at breaking down the barriers that prevent a change of perspective in life. This change of perspective builds the resilience necessary for success, both on the personal and organisational levels.

Speaking topics

* Dealing with challenge
* Unlocking potential
* Finding courage when confronted with change
* Living with purpose

Client feedback

"Powerful and life-affirming" - CEO Fosters Group

"Your message was an inspiration to all" - National Stroke Foundation

"A revelation on survival" - Carlton Football Club

"Immediate impact on goal setting by our employees" - Melbourne City Council

To book Walter Mikac for a speaking engagement:
For enquiries about Walter Mikac and his availability, please contact:
Sandra Cowan Mobile: 0409 381 367 Email: sandra@scinsights.com.au

Craig Harper                                                      Exercise scientist, author, TV host, presenter

Craig Harper is one of Australia's leading presenters, educators, motivators and commentators in the areas of health, fitness and personal development. Craig has been an integral part of the Australian fitness landscape since 1982. In that time he has worked as a personal trainer, corporate consultant, personal development speaker, university lecturer, AFL conditioning coach, TV commentator and much more. In 1988 Craig established Harper's Personal Training, which has evolved into one of the largest businesses of its kind in the world. Craig is a regular on the ABC, Gold FM, SBS, SEN and Light FM radio stations. He is also the weekly host of Foxtel's Living Life Now and is the fitness expert for Network Ten's 9AM morning show.
Authoritative style
With a degree in exercise science, it comes as no surprise that Craig has a deep understanding of the field in which he works. Moreover he has a strong empathy for his audience and the people who have a lifelong struggle to keep fit and keep the weight off.

Speaking topics

* From mediocre to amazing - creating our best life
* Defining, exploring and creating success - as a company, as individuals
* Exploring the principles and mechanics of positive change
* The relationship between physical, mental and emotional health
* The obesity epidemic: why we're so fat and what we can do about it right now
* What is stress and how do we manage it?
* Self sabotage - getting out of our own way, discovering our potential
* Making change a forever thing
* Excuse-ology: the science of excuse making

For enquiries about Craig Harper and his availability, please contact:
Sandra Cowan Mobile: 0409 381 367 Email: sandra@scinsights.com.au


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